Haircuts for Kids

What does a smile cost?  Well, in some cases, all it costs is a haircut. That’s what we found after three successful sessions with the Rock Island/Milan School District’s Head Start program. So we’d like to cut more hair and create more smiles.

Melissa McMeekan and Tracy Schmit of Visible Changes Salon in Rock Island who started this program and are looking for more Quad City area stylists to continue this goodwill through their local school districts’ Head Start programs.

It takes minimal time and effort. The 1 Marine 1 Life Foundation, Inc., will coordinate the sessions, and once each month, your local Head Start coordinator will contact you about families who are in need and would like a free haircut. You decide the time schedule, setting aside two or three hours, and Head Start will provide a list of those who can show up during that time period to receive their haircut. It’s that easy to give back to your community. And you get to do it with two things you love: charity and hairstyling.

Please contact us to find out more about how you can help with this new and exciting mission to bring a smile and a thank you to a child’s face.

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