The origins of the 1 Marine 1 Life Foundation…

It's been a great life. Wonderful parents and grandparents. I was just one of hundreds of graduates from Parkway South High School in Manchester, Missouri, in 1981. What would turn out to be so spectacular about this one life that could make a difference?

The answer to that question rests in the sum of all I did, good and bad. And what inspired me to do good?

Was it my parents who continue, well into their 70s, to help others through their various Methodist missions?

Was it the Marine Corps that instilled lead by example from the very first minute my feet hit the yellow footprints of Parris Island, South Carolina?

Was it my fellow fire fighters and paramedics who still spend their lives keeping their communities safe from manmade and natural disasters?

Was it a presidential candidate and his wife who I had the pleasure of knowing well enough to understand their lives were inspired to help millions of people?

There is a lot of success in these examples. But sometimes, with success comes tragedy. Whether self-inflicted or natural, tragedy has its place in success and failure. It makes us reflect and reevaluate. Some seize an opportunity. Some fail. Having faith is what leads us to our life's destiny.

Which brings us here. What inspires you?
1 Marine 1 Life Foundation delivers a compelling message directly to the community that hopefully inspires community members to get involved. Whether it is donating a backpack or cutting hair, it all ends up being the work of one person – YOU. Yesterday's term, it takes a village, is still true, but I also contend that in today's fast paced social media complex, it only takes one inspired individual to make a difference.

Do you have something you want to do for your community? 
1 Marine 1 Life Foundation's mission is to inspire one person at a time to serve the community, one project at a time.
If you're ready to make a difference – any difference - please contact me or our volunteer Board of Directors about how, whether with our projects or one of your own.

I look forward to meeting you.
Mark A. McQuate, Founder
1 Marine 1 Life Foundation, Inc.
An I.R.S. registered 501c3

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Stay Tuned – TBD: Bikers for Backpacks Mercer County and Saturday August 26th: Bikers for Backpacks Ride The Bases at Modern Woodman Park

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Several photos showing parts of One Marine One Life Foundation director Mark McQuate's life